John finds portrait work rewarding and expressive. He enjoys working with people, giving them direction and encouraging engagement with the subject on a personal level so that people will feel free to be expressive in a warm, comfortable environment.

Capturing emotion is the key ingredient to a great portrait; it’s about energy, bringing a character to life, rather than letting the lens do its work with the click of the shutter!

John’s engagement with the client is intimate and his warmth and understanding helps in finding a mood and an expressionist style to suit their individual requirements. To further accentuate their individual character, finding what resonates and pondering on what backdrop to use texture tone and light. He prefers to work under natural light conditions and reframes from using electronic flash.

John enjoys throwing in a little colour, which suits his lively personality and adds charm to the whole experience. With an eye to detail, his enthusiasm is infectious like a child on a trampoline bouncing with his ideas, identifying what works and enhancing the mode in pursuit of “perfect timing” —much of his work features captured moments and qualities.

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