Do you only shoot edited images?

I get asked that question a lot. The answer is No, everything is shot in a natural way under natural light conditions. All images are colour and exposure corrected and this is as far as the images go in post production.

The Art Portraits are chosen by the couple during the album plan process, they can then decide if they would like to invest in having their Hero image upgraded to an Art portrait, every image is different in terms of the level of editing required as demontrated in our Art Transformation clip.

How to choose a good wedding photographer

Choosing a good wedding photographer is not easy. Everyone wants to be able to have for their future years, wedding photos that remind them with nostalgia and longing, the joy they knew on the day of their wedding. They want to be able to feel again that atmosphere, and see themselves captured on their happiest day as bride and groom, at their best for all time.

Pictures are so easy to take these days with digital photography we assume anyone can do it so why not go budget on the photography costs? Because only a photographer who has mastered the finer technical aspects of photography, one who has years of experience in knowing the moment, has an eye for good composition, creativity to know what to add when something is missing, an understanding and ability to manipulate lighting to catch the mood and show his subjects at their best can provide images that will draw gasps of delight and admiration for generations to come.

This is not the place for cutting corners. Rationing on photography may result in soiled memories in the form of an unpresentable and disappointing wedding photo album. Something you may always regret.

And do not forget the important issue of good communication. Choose a wedding photographer who you feel understands your needs; one whose personality and demeanour would reassure you and put you at ease on a day when you might feel anxious. That in itself can change the whole atmosphere of that very precious day.

What's behind the 'Art Portrait'

Born with a talent for drawing, John’s first plan was to become an artist. His childhood heroes were the likes of Rembrandt, Monet and Renoir. This came to a sudden end when Picasso died and the press were predicting that his paintings would quadruple in price. This made John realise that to make a good living as an artist he would have to die first. Photography was a second and a good option that allowed John to capture people’s expressions with a click of a shutter. Reading the importance of the decisive moment by an admired photographer, Henrie-Cartier Bresson, John’s skill to recognise when to hit that shutter became a very important ingredient in his engaging photographs.

His love of art never completely dissipated, he successfully married the two mediums together - Art and Photography. John has became known for his unique style of artistic portraits with the clever use of light and texture to enhance the image.

A true visionary, John Laham is firstly an artist, using light, shape and texture to transform images into works of art. John’s work encourages an engagement with the subject on a personal level. His intimate understanding of light, mood and the decisive moment to click the shutter is what enables John to further accentuate the important mood.

John’s area of work is predominantly weddings; he loves the challenges of capturing the smorgasbord of emotions that a wedding day provides, he likes to be unnoticed in pursuit of natural and perfectly timed images. He prefers to work under natural light conditions and refrains from using electronic flash. His camera of choice is the latest Leica range finder cameras as they are famous for their discreetness and unsurpassed quality.

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