Art Portraits

Art Portrait—it’s an evolution behind and in front of the lens. John’s technique is his signature: no two images are the same with the composition made up of the layering of a person’s character; and John says “its like a fingerprint leaving an impression!”

John’s passion is working with people with strong emotional characters— “Eyes are the window to the soul” —and in John’s compositions you find the eyes are sharp and have lots of movement. John takes his work seriously, and every person he meets is a blank canvas, an opportunity to do what he does best, that is, create a masterpiece. John leaps in on an opportunity like a cat on a mouse, with camera, ready to “pounce.”

John’s artistic expression, capturing human nature is mystical, genuine, honest and somewhat dramatic; his expression with light and darkness, movement of figures and dense and detailed composition is made up of layering. The portrait becomes contemporary art—a modern Baroque.

Recognition to him is when he creates an image into form, like a caterpillar in a cocoon, transforming and evolutionary. People ask how a picture evolves. John explains, “I see it unfold before my eyes before I pick up my camera, taking in the environment as if on a journey of discovery, seeing what is honest what is vulnerable.” Not fazed by fashion or trends as in his younger years, which where full of shooting for fashion.

His style is unique; his is direction clear once the process has begun. A contemporary portrait comes to life, a rebirth of modern culture a valued investment for years to come.

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